If you`re approaching the end of your current employment contract, and you wish to continue working with your current employer, it`s important to start the conversation about extending your contract. Writing a letter to extend your employment contract can be a daunting task, but it`s important to ensure that your letter is clear, concise, and professional. Here`s how to write a letter to extend your employment contract:

1. Address the letter to the appropriate person

It`s essential to identify the correct person who has the authority to extend your employment contract. This could be your direct supervisor, HR manager, or the company`s CEO. Addressing the letter to the right person ensures that it gets to the right person and that it`s taken seriously.

2. Begin with a clear and concise introduction

Start your letter by stating the purpose of the letter. Be clear and concise about what you`re looking for, which is to extend your employment contract. You can also include your current position and the duration of your current contract.

3. Highlight your accomplishments and contributions

Your letter should detail your performance during your current contract, and you should highlight any achievements or contributions you`ve made to the company. This shows that you`re a valuable employee and that the company would benefit from retaining your services.

4. Specify the duration of the extension

When requesting an extension, be clear about the duration you`re proposing. This could be a few months, a year, or even longer. Make sure you`re realistic about the length of time you`re asking for and provide a precise date when your proposed extension would end.

5. Negotiate your compensation

If you`re seeking an extension to your contract, it`s also an opportunity to negotiate your compensation package. Research the market rate for people in similar positions to your own, and provide a fair and reasonable salary and benefits package that aligns with your skills and experience.

6. Close your letter with appreciation

End your letter with a positive note and express your appreciation for the opportunity to continue working with the company. Thank the reader in advance for considering your request and express your willingness to discuss the matter further.

In conclusion, writing a letter to extend your employment contract is an opportunity to highlight your accomplishments and contributions to the company and negotiate your compensation package. Be clear, concise, and professional in your tone, and address your letter to the appropriate person. And don’t forget to express your appreciation for the opportunity to continue working with the company.

by December 29, 2022