Apprenticeship Program

Our Apprenticeship Program has been approved by the Idaho Bureau of Occupational Licenses

Apprenticeship – Licensee Requirements

Licensee must:

  • Be at least twenty one (21) years of age.
  • Have a current Idaho driver’s license and provide satisfactory driver’s record.
  • Complete fingerprint-based criminal history background check.
  • Obtain an Apprenticeship permit issued by the Idaho Bureau of Occupational Licenses.
  • Provide a valid Medical Certificate.
  • All new instructor applicants for a license must complete a board approved apprenticeship training program of not less than sixty (60) hours of classroom instruction and one hundred eight (108) hours of behind-the-wheel training.

Our Apprenticeship combines technical classroom, self-study and on-line courses with on-the-job training supervised by a certified professional. The cost of our apprenticship program is $2500.00. If you are interested, please forward a copy of your resume to


Beginning Classroom – 30 hours

Our program begins by enrolling in one of our regularly scheduled driver ed classes. During this class you will observe and participate as a student. We will review and discuss each class and you will prepare to teach future classes.

Advanced Classroom – 30 hours

Once you complete our beginning classroom you will prepare and teach future classes. During this time an approved instructor will observe, evaluate and provide feedback to ensure students learn what is need to become safe drivers. You will be evaluated on instruction ability and classroom management skills.

Online Classroom

You will be required to complete our online class. You can begin at any time but it must be completed before you begin teaching in the classroom.


Beginning behind-the-wheel instruction – 12+ hours

During your beginning classroom instruction you will spend 6 hours observing students being instructed by a certified instructor behind-the-wheel. During this time you will be in the back seat and evaluate the student driver. After each drive we will review our evaluations.

Once you have completed your beginning classroom, online training and 6 hours of in-car observation you will begin your behind-the-wheel instruction. During this phase you will be in the passenger seat. You will spend a minimum of 6 hours with a certified instructor riding along in the back seat.

Intermediate Behind-the-wheel – 90 hours

Once you have satisfactorily completed your beginning behind-the-wheel phase you will begin driving students independently and review your results with a certified instructor.

Advanced Behind-the Wheel – 6 hours

This is your final evaluation period. During the phase of your apprenticeship you will be accompanied by a certified instructor who will complete a thorough evaluation of your final 6 hours and complete certification.

When you have completed your apprenticeship, you will receive a certificate of completion and you will be able to work for any private driving school or start your own driving business.

Being accepted into our apprenticeship program is not an offer of employment and there is no guarantee of employment once the course is completed. You must satisfactorily complete each phase before moving on to the next phase.

Please email Rob Fenn at with questions or to register for our program.