At Idaho Driving School you will have an opportunity to drive a variety of vehicles throughout the course!
We believe this better prepares teens to get behind the wheel with you after driver’s ed.
Our vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art instructor controls. The new instructor Accelerator and Brake provide a safer learning environment when learning to drive.

yellow jeep

Jeep Wrangler

This 4×4 is fun to drive. It handles well all over town and possibly off road. You will have an opportunity to drive several vehicles throughout the class.

Convertible Mustang

This Mustang rides and handles like a dream and is extremely comfortable. You will learn how to use all the latest technology, including back up camera, heated and air cooled seats etc. etc.


ford raptor truck

Ford F150 Raptor

Yes, we admit that this may not be the most practical drivers ed car. However, This is Idaho, and in Idaho, We drive trucks! We will teach you this skills necessary to drive larger vehicles.


Our Camaro is easy to drive and fun to learn in. We teach driving with “Blind Spots” better than any other School.


VW Bug

VW Beetle

Students will want to drive this car. With its front wheel drive and power-folding top you can enjoy a breath of fresh air while your learn to drive.

Mustang – Stick Shift

We understand that many driving students will need to learn how to drive a stick shift! We have made the process easy to learn with the most advance instructor controls available.

This Mustang has been retrofitted with an instructor brake, accelerator and clutch on the passenger side and that substantially reduces the learning curve in driving stick shift.

However, some students may need focus on the basics before learning to drive a stick shift.

Yellow Mustang